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15th Jul, 2016


At Federal Circuit, Death of Software Patents Exaggerated
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit continues to carve out a sliver of room for software patents. A three-judge panel on Monday found that ... (more…)

Hillary Clinton's tech platform backs Apple positions on encryption, privacy, innovation, patents ...
A new position paper outlining U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's "Initiative on Technology & Innovation" broadly addresses a wide range of ... (more…)

 China smartphone makers snap up patents in fight for market dominance
Yahoo News
Stepping into the ring to fight over China and its prime smartphone market are the country's own smartphone makers, as they begin to acquire patents ... (more…)

Why This Electric Bus Startup Is Opening Up Its Patents for Free
Proterra, a startup that makes all-electric buses, is releasing its patents on its fast-charging technology, a move aimed at accelerating the adoption of ... (more…)
Supreme Court Gives More Leeway to Lower Courts on Patents and Copyright: Will Lower Courts ...
The Patent Act allows courts, in certain cases, to impose treble damages on ... IPR is a procedure that allows parties to challenge patents before the ... (more…)
Supreme Court, In Halo, Balances The Value Of Patents And Innovation
Quid pro quo. These three words will evoke different images for different people. Many will visualize Anthony Hopkins through the bars of a holding ... (more…)
Cuozzo, Phony IPR Statistics and the Death of the American Inventor
While the Patent Office likes to tout statistics that claim most patent claims challenged in IPR are not invalidated, those statistics are viewed as bogus ... (more…)
Chinese Company That Sued Apple Over Patent Infringement Almost Non-Existent
University Herald
Shenzhen Baili, which is the company that recently sued Apple over patent infringement of the iPhone 6, has been revealed to be an almost ... (more…)
Qualcomm Takes Legal Action Against Meizu Smartphone Maker Over Alleged Patent Infringement
Tech Times
United States-based chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. has sued China-based smartphone maker Meizu for patent infringement. Qualcomm asserts that the ... (more…)

China Smartphone Makers Fire Up Patent War Versus Tech Giants
YIBADA English
Patents seem to be the newfound ally of Chinese smartphone makers, which have been grappling for space in the mobile handset industry dominated ... (more…)

Appellate Court Resurrects 10000 Patents
Lexology (registration)
Many patent owners breathed a collective sigh of relief when on June 21 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned a 2015 district ...(more…)
Buyer Beware in Yahoo Patents Sale
As Yahoo YHOO +0.70% prepares to auction nearly 3,000 of its patents, some commentators say it could generate more than $1 billion. A few even ... (more…)
China Smartphone Maker Purchases Patents from Microsoft
Voice of America
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has purchased 1,500 patents from Microsoft, as part of an effort by Chinese companies to acquire intellectual ... (more…)
Supreme Court's decision a win for generic drug makers fighting patents
In deciding a case over who should have the upper hand in patent battles, the Supreme Court delivered a win to generic drug-makers and those ... (more…)
Supreme Court affirms rules friendly to patent challengers
The Supreme Court on Monday blessed new government procedures for challenging patents, a win for companies that argued the fledgling process ... (more…)